Sihem Boudina

Principal Investigator

Dr. Boudina has had a distinguished career in Diabetes and Cardiovascular related research. As a post-doctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dale Abel, she elucidated the role of mitochondrial dysfunction in altering cardiac metabolism, thereby contributing to the pathogenesis of cardiac dysfunction in the diabetic heart. Dr. Boudina also established a new assay to measure mitochondrial respiration using an oxygen sensor probe. Furthermore, she was among the first investigators to show that mitochondrial uncoupling played a crucial role in altered cardiac efficiency in obese animals. Her work was published in the journals Diabetes and Circulation.

Dr. Boudina is committed to mentoring the next generation of researchers. In the past four years she has supervised post-doctoral research fellows, undergraduates and medical students in her laboratory. She has mentored summer students sponsored by the American Heart Association. She also participated as a mentor in the Native American Summer Research Programs sponsored by the University of Utah, Department of Pediatrics and the Bioscience Undergraduate Research Program.