Many Utah visitors are familiar with the incredible skiing, but that is far from all the city has to offer. Salt Lake is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, which brings together a unique grouping of cultures. The young populace, brought in by the University of Utah as well as one of the best job markets in the US, has reinvigorated the Salt Lake music and arts scene. Take some time and visit one of several museums in Salt Lake or see a play at Capitol Theatre.


Salt Lake is rapidly becoming renowned for the plethora of microbreweries that are taking the beer community by storm. Many of these breweries will do tours of their site, so try to check them out. Next time you’re out on the town try ordering one of these home-brewed favorites.

  • Salt Lake’s Best Breweries
  • Faith

    Just over half of the Utah population are members of the LDS community. The Salt Lake Temple, located in Downtown Salt Lake is a testament to the large presence of this faith. Temple Square is open to the public for free guided tours or to check out on your own. Here is a link to the webpage to plan your visit:

  • Temple Square
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